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Brand: Suorin
Suorin Air starter kitThe Suorin Air is a stylish, on-the-go, credit card sized vape device. This open pod system is versatile in so many ways.Features:Refillable Plug-Seal Cartridge 2mL Pod Juice Capacity Plug-and-Play Ecosystem Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery Direct Volt..
Brand: Suorin
Suorin Drop Starter Kit The Suorin Drop is a uniquely designed water-drop shaped vape device. This open pod system fits in the palm of your hand and is versatile in so many ways.Features:2mL Juice Capacity Integrated 310mAh Rechargeable Battery Maximum Wattage Output: 13W Di..
Brand: Suorin
Suorin iShare Cartridge 0.9ml Price per pcs ..
Brand: Suorin
The Suorin iShare SINGLE is a very small sized e-cigarette (just about the size of 2 cigarettes put together).  The iShare was designed around the need for those who like to hold their vape or cigarette between their index and middle finger.  This open pod system is versatile in so many ways..
Brand: Suorin
Suorin iShare Dual Power Bank Vape - Pod System Device with Cartridge KitThe Suorin iShare Starter Kit is a robust and versatile ultra portable pod system that features an intuitive on-the-go power bank.  The power bank cradles 2 Suorin iShare Cig-Alike devices. Each single battery is an extreme..
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